July Newsletter available

Thank you all for asking about how this weather is effecting the season.  Yes, it has been a very challenging year on several fronts, but each year seems to bring its own set of weather challenges.  This is the new normal where we move from one extreme to the other.  This is climate change.  Dealing with Climate Change is the bigger challenge, and that’s what this Newsletter is about: relating Manual Labour with Climate Change.  It is a long read, but hope it is stimulating.  Look at the July 2017 entry on the Newsletters page and feel free to send me any comments you might have.

The wet weather has made it hard to keep to our regular planting schedule, so please be aware that it will effect the harvests, however we have good soil and use raised beds for a reason, most of the crops that have been planted are doing fine, or are looking really good, just some things may get to you later than other years…  Here’s hoping for a more balanced mix of sun and rain for the remainder of the growing season!


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