Spring is coming!

The light is increasing; seeds are waiting with promise; the pressure is building under the snow, ready to burst with growth, given the chance. In a week I will begin organizing the greenhouse, getting ready to start the seeding process.  The winter courses I teach are winding down.  A new season is at the gate.  Many of you have signed up for a CSA share, and the Pre-Paid cards have been selling pretty well.  How many cards I sell, and how many shares is still a question.  Please let me know what you are interested in doing for this coming season, so I can plan accordingly.  I might adjust the seeding a bit, based on what I hear from you.  As in other years, CSA members are able to get a reduction in the share price if they help out for half a day.  The greenhouse is a great place to do this in the spring (this picture is from a couple years ago… it doesn’t look like that yet!) Let me know if this is of interest to you.  By the way, I still have ducks and pork roasts for sale for anyone interested!


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