The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Garlic

Remember a few weeks ago when I put out an emergency call to help with garlic harvesting?  I was shocked at how suddenly it matured.  Now I know why.  We have a Leek Moth infestation.  This insect came into this part of the province for the first time last year, and effected our farm by damaging almost 100% of the garlic scapes.  The bulbs didn’t seem effected.  This year, the scapes were beautiful, so I thought maybe the moth was not going to be an issue… however it now has shown up as effecting the bulbs!  This is a serious problem for the garlic.  About a quarter of the crop has already rotted (that’s the “Ugly”), and another third is showing signs of damage and will not store (that’s the “Bad”).  The rest is “Good” at this point, but will likely need to be held on to for planting next year’s crop in October.  The “Bad” is usable now, and I will be giving it out “Free Choice” for as long as it’s okay.  You can preserve garlic by simply peeling it and freezing it in bags.  You can also dry it. Unfortunately this looks like it will be the only way to have garlic from the farm this season.  I’ve been looking into options on dealing with this moth, and will be trying them out over the next years.


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