Onions and Winter Shares

I am hoping to harvest all the onions on Thursday of this week (Sept 5).  We will be starting at 2 in the afternoon.  How long it will take will depend on how many people lend a hand.  The weather has to be dry, so if the forecast changes, I’ll do an updated post.  As a warning: there is ragweed in flower right now, if you have a significant allergy and still would like to help, there is also stacking the onions on tables in the barn.  I’ll have some already harvested ready for stacking.
I am also accepting the first 15 winter share members.  Some of you I’ve already talked to about this, but I’ll first sign up folks who have had winter shares in the past.  In October, as the fall harvest is clearer, I may accept more than 15, but I want to limit it until I’m certain.  The prices will be the same as before: $400 for a large and $250 for a small.  Payments need to be complete before the end of December.  Thanks.

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