Monthly Archives: December 2019

Happy New Year!

As is with every season, now is the time I am organizing my seed order for the 2020 harvest! If you are interested in a share for the coming season, please let me know, and if you can, provide a first payment to help with the seed costs.  I am also offering the pre-paid cards again in $50 or $100.  There will be a market on Friday afternoons either at the farm or if the Chicory Common market happens, I’ll be there!

Those with Winter shares, remember there’s a pick-up this Friday from 2-6pm.

Ducks, Chicken, Pork, Eggs, Herbals

Whole frozen ducks are now available.  Eggs are available for those who were getting eggs in the summer.  Chicken and pork from Burdock Grove farm are still available too.  Winter Fairy Tea, salves and oils too.

Winter CSA Schedule

Here are the planned dates for Winter Share pick-ups for the 2019/20 season: every other Friday from 2 – 6 pm, in the root cellar.
December 6 and 20
January 3, 17, and 31
February 14 and 28
March 13 and 27
This schedule will only shift if there is a weather problem.