Monthly Archives: April 2020

CSA full for this season!

Anyone who was a member the last few years, but has not rejoined, please let me know if you would like a share, since I could squeeze you in, but registration is now closed for any new members.

An update: This is the closest to a ‘normal’ spring that we’ve had for a while.  Over the 24 springs the CSA has been operating, on average I have managed to get the first crops in the ground before the end of April.  The last five springs this has not been possible with it either being still covered in snow! or just too wet.  This week I managed (with help) to get the first lettuce and scallions transplanted and the first peas and carrots seeded ahead of this rain.

Let’s hope for a not too wet, and not too dry season!

List of plants available.

I was asked to post a list of what plants I will have.

Red slicing tomatoes, red paste tomatoes, several different cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, hot peppers, kohlrabi, kale, fall cabbage, basil, holy basil, parsley, oregano, slicing cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, zucchinis, winter squashes, sunflowers, and some other things, just ask. If you do want to place an order I need specific numbers. I may not be able to accommodate everyone, but I’ll do my best

Order your plants!

Since all the events where I normally sell plants in the spring are cancelled, I’m taking orders from folks wanting seedlings from the farm.  Please let me know ASAP what you would like.  If I have extra plants after filling everyone’s orders, I may have a plant sale at the farm the first weekend on June.  Keep posted.

CSA getting full

So with the changing social dynamics there’s been a very noticeable increase in interest in the CSA this year!  For those members who have not renewed their share for the coming season and are interested in ensuring a supply of farm produce, please let me know what your intentions are for the season, as I expect to be selling out of shares very soon.  If you can’t manage a first payment just at the moment, tell me what size share you want and I’ll hold it for you.  I just want to make sure all past members are able to renew!