Monthly Archives: July 2020

Organic Wood Fired Sourdough Bread

Just a reminder that you can get bread delivered for you at the CSA on Tuesdays.  Aster Lane Farm’s bread is amazing and easy to order.  Go to to see what they do.  Send them an email to and get on the list to order from their weekly selection. They send out what is available each week on the weekend, you just need to fill in their form by Monday morning.  All communication is with Bennett and Catherine, so ask them more questions through the email.

Let Us Talk About Lettuce!

CSA members have finished the first planting of lettuce. It did better than I expected, although it wasn’t the best we’ve had.  I set the plants out in the field early May.  They then were buried under 6 inches of snow on Mother’s Day weekend, followed by 30 degree temperatures ten days later, followed by near frost again ten days after that.  I’m surprised they didn’t bolt to flower sooner.  I plant nearly 20 different varieties in that first planting (oak leaves, butterheads, romaines, bibbs, different colours and textures), since if it is a cool spring they do well.

I aim to seed lettuce every ten days, having 11 seedings through the growing season.  This is with the hope to have a continuous supply.  Life doesn’t always work out that way and usually there’s a break here or there in the summer.  For the remainder of the plantings, I seed Summer Crisp (or Batavian) varieties.  These are lettuces that do better in heat, don’t tend to bolt to flower as fast, and resist going bitter in the heat more than other varieties.

I’m telling you all this because it looks like the second and third plantings are going to come on about the same time.  I will be giving out more lettuce over the next few harvests.  If you found the first planting too bitter, give these next varieties a try.  They are made for summer.