Monthly Archives: November 2020

Winter Share schedule!

Winter Share pick-up time will be from 2 – 6 pm every other Tuesday. Here are the dates:

Dec. 1, 15, 29
Jan. 12, 26
Feb. 9, 23
Mar. 9, 23

Weighed items will be pre-weighed but not bagged, and nothing will be washed (as usual for winter, allowing you all to still experience soil!).

Only one member will be allowed in the root cellar at a time and there will be a sign at the door saying “Enter” or “Please wait.”

Eggs and Egg Shares!

Members who normally get eggs are welcome to come by to get one or two doz. anytime. Just let me know and I can have them waiting for you a cooler in the back of my truck.

I will have to get a new batch of chicks in the spring, and am exploring the idea of offering “Egg Shares.” Details need to be worked out, but I want to see how many dozen folks would take each week. If you are interested in this, please send me a message with how many doz you would like. This is in the exploratory phase.