Monthly Archives: July 2022

Carrot weeding!

We are changing the carrot weeding to be more flexible. Saturday the 30th is no longer a good time for the farm. If anyone has time in the next couple weeks to come out a weed for an hour or two the fall and winter carrots would be happier. We will work with you if possible, but might not be able to at any time… but a row and a half have been done already, and it can be a relaxing, meditative, satisfying task! The summer is a busy time, no more so than in the garden. In July everything seems to need to be done at once, and our prioritizing skills are put to the test. While we have been making sure most of the crops are well tended (and the garden is doing amazing this year), the fall carrots got a bit out of hand. If you have the chance to help out, let us know!

Pickle Post!

The pickling cucumbers have begun producing. They will be available for sale at the CSA pick-up starting today, and the Friday store. There are limited quantities, so if you want a bulk (half bushel minimum) order let us know. We may not be able to supply all your orders, but we’ll see how they produce. Over ripe cukes for relishes will be free choice for members.

Products for sale at the farm

Just a reminder that in addition to the vegetables and herbs that you get as a CSA member, we have available for sale: herb salts and tea, salve, currant coulis, and duck from our farm. We also carry chicken and pork from Burdock Grove Farm near Williamsford. Aster Lane bread is available by pre-order on Tuesdays.