The Wealth of Zucchini

I saw a post that declared it was the time of year to lock your doors, since someone is likely to leave a giant zucchini in your car or on your porch. This is true. But I wanted to also celebrate the bounty of these plants. Last year I struggled to get enough zucchini for CSA members, since the cucumber beetle had done a fair amount of damage. I remember some plants never produced a single fruit before they died. Not so this year! We try to harvest every day and a half to two days, and even so, they put on so much growth in that time it really is amazing. My sense is that they have peeked and will hopefully slow down to have a longer, gentler rest of their harvest. But this week there are so many in addition to the reasonable number members will get, there will be many more in the free choice area for those who want to preserve or just have a feast! The easiest way to keep them is to grate and freeze. You can then add them to sauces and chili, and make zucchini bread all year round. They also dry or can be made into an awesome relish. Enjoy the image of bounty!

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