Deliciously edible green tomatoes

Hello folks, in your shares this week you will have the opportunity to try out GREEN TOMTOES. To clear up some uncertainty about the healthiness of eating them, we wanted to share some tips and tricks.

Tomatoes, just like other members of the family solanaceae (potatoes, peppers, eggplant etc) contain solanine. Solanine can be harmful to humans in large amounts, but an adult can still eat approximately 13 perfectly green and perfectly unripe tomatoes and still be considered safe (note that this number would be much smaller for kids). Ripe tomatoes also contain solanine, but much less, so you’d need to eat about 29 kg before it became dangerous…although it seems more debatable what the danger really is at that point!

With context taken into account, there are still ways to decrease solanine content in unripe tomatoes, as well as increase deliciousness of the fruit! Check out this website with 167 recipes for green tomatoes, everything from green ketchup and relishes to casseroles and cobblers!

My personal favorite is a simple roasted green tomato salsa verde, which can be eaten with corn tortillas, cheese and a protein of your choosing in the wintertime, delicious! And yes, I may add some peppers from that potted up hot pepper in the background. Fun fact, they’re perennial (just not outdoors in Ontario)!

So have fun and tell us about your favorite green tomato dish!


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