Thank you and IMPORTANT Winter Share info

First off, thank you to all members and market customers for this past season. Your commitment to local food goes beyond the benefits to the farm and to you! It’s part of building resiliency in your health, the economy, community, and the environment.

Winter CSA info:
Pick-up will begin Friday November 4 from 2 – 6 pm in the root cellar (the green door on the north side of the yellow cabin near the greenhouses). I’ll have a sign directing those who are new this year.
NEW THIS YEAR: We had a bountiful squash harvest, and I will be giving out all the squash for the winter season on the first pick-up. This is because we do not have ideal storage for the squash and we have lost more to rot in the past than I care to admit. Squash keeps best at room temperature in a dry location. They don’t like temperature fluctuations, so in your house is best. Put them where you can keep an eye on them, so if you notice one going off – eat it!
Each winter member can take squash in increments of 3, up to a maximum of 18. I will mark down what you take and it will count as part of your overall winter share. So, say you take 12 squash. This will count as 4 items that will go against your share through the course of the winter, to be deducted by the end of the season however you wish. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and I will help you figure it out 🙂 This is all the squash you will get from the farm for the winter, but it will keep better in your living room than in our basement (which is the only space we have here to store it).
For the first pick-up on the 4th bring an extra box or bags for you squash. They also make beautiful decorations!


2 thoughts on “Thank you and IMPORTANT Winter Share info

  1. villaallison

    Thanks for this update, Cory! Confirming that there is no pick-up this week. See you next Friday Nov 4th, do I have that right?

    Warmly, Allison



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