In brief, we’re looking for return members to start signing up for the 2023 season by sending a deposit or full payment. This is to help cover the cost of the seed order.

Garden planning and seed ordering is always exciting. The future crops are right there, in your imagination… and they always look and taste beautiful! There’s the joy of deciding what new things to try, and the self control needed to resist trying everything. For example, we did an experiment this past year and are excited to bring melons back into the CSA rotation! But which melons to choose?

For the first 22 years of the CSA we would do the garden planning through December and place the seed order early in January. In 2023 this would be too late. Certain varieties would sell out. The seed companies have been getting their catalogues out earlier and we have to be on the ball to get what we want. Now it’s early December seed ordering!

The base share price will remain the same for this season. $400 for a small share, $615 for a medium, and $880 for a large. We recognize how everyone’s budget is tight. The major influencer of food’s price inflation has been the rise of diesel fuel costs, since the food supply chain is based on mass transportation. Although we do use diesel on the farm, it’s a small, small fraction of our expenses and so has not made a significant impact. We are noticing, however, the increase in price of other supplies, including seeds!

As we’ve done over the past few years, there is an optional ‘Capital Pledge’ that can be part of the share price. This is a voluntary contribution, and many of you have been adding something to the share price all along. Thank you. It’s a $100 recommendation, but it’s whatever you can manage. See the CSA Economics page for more details, or send us your questions.

The CSA model has always been about finding more sustainable and community based economic systems. It seems more and more needed these days!

Thank you all for helping make small scale agriculture sustainable and a meaningful part of the community!


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