Let the Seeding Begin!

First, a reminder that the Winter Share pick-up is tomorrow from 2-6pm!

The first seeds have been sown for the 2023 season. This is earlier than in the past since we are now offering a Spring Share. Some crops need to be started now to be ready for the Mid-April start.

The picture below is of one of the chickens (Muskoka) looking for the worms as I sift compost. She’s eating compost worms that won’t survive in the soil…
We make all our own soil mix from compost and soil made here on the farm, and purchased peat moss and vermiculite. This not only allows us to be as self sufficient as possible, but lets the plants develop their roots in relation to our soil from the beginning. The roots need to become aware of the specific bacteria and fungi that live here in this place. In encourages them to make those symbiotic relationships that allow not only macro-nutrient exchange between plant and soil, but micro-nutrient sensitivity that enhances flavour.
There is so much intelligence in the soil!


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