Greens one week away!

Hey folks, one more week until the first spring share pickup! I’m happy to see the kale and lettuces just take off with the warm weather.

Salad 🙂

To give you a heads-up about the pickup process, I am requesting that you bring your own greens-bags (BYOG?). You will need one small ziploc bag or a similar size for sprouts and two to three medium to large ziploc/grocery bags for other greens and things, depending how you like to separate and store your veggies. Thanks in advance for helping me reduce and reuse! Plastic is such a helper for keeping young green things fresh, but it’s great to not have to use new bags when I know so many are already in use!

Pickup will be in farm store like the usual summer shares, from 3-6pm. See you April 21st!


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