Our farm has always had a balance of productionGill harrowing farming and education.  Our educational
efforts have ranged from hosting and teaching apprentices each season, to
providing workshops for the general public, conducting entire courses in
Biodynamic farming and gardening, hosting school groups and farm tours.

Currently there are two apprentice positions at the farm.  The first is what I have called a “Mentored Management” position.  This is for someone who perhaps has been through a couple years of apprenticing and is wanting to take on a bit more responsibility, but is not ready to take on a farm of their own yet.  The idea is that I would share my experience in managing a farm and coach someone in the art of prioritizing.  This position runs from at least the beginning of March, to the end of November, but may be for a full year depending on the circumstances.

The other apprentice position is for anyone excited to learn about Biodynamic farming and may or may not have any previous experience.

Currently in Ontario and Canada, there is not a legal definition for an agricultural apprenticeship.  Therefore this is a volunteer position.  Hopefully in the future, there will be a recognition of the unique situation that live-in sustainable farm apprenticeships offer.

Apprenticing at the Saugeen River CSA This is an article describing more about how the apprenticeship works.

There are also a few workshops, events and Biodynamic courses planned for the farm.

For information, please contact Cory at


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