Last Winter CSA today and spring seeding!

Today is the last Winter CSA pick-up (winter is holding on for us).  Also starting next week we are seeding in the greenhouse, so if you aren’t sure if it is winter or sprint, and want to get a $50 reduction in your share price, come help us out in greenhouse seeding this season’s crops!  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be seeding Leeks, Onions, Scallions, Celeriac, Chamomile and Basil.  Let me know if you would like to join us!

Newsletter and notices!

The January newsletter is now posted on the “Newsletters” page  with a few announcements.  Also, there is another winter CSA pick-up this Friday, in case you are off schedule 🙂

Thank you for those who have sent me a first payment for this coming season…. There are still many of you who have not.  So please if you can, send it in…

The seeds have been ordered and I am interviewing apprentices now for the coming season, and finalizing the garden plans.  The daily animal chores and teaching two courses is making the winter seem to zip by.  I was able to take a walk through the fields yesterday and see how the cover crops are fairing this winter.  The soil feels very energized!

Announcements! New share options for the coming year!

Reminder that the next winter share is tomorrow, Friday December 30 (days can get confused this time of year).  Also, I am in the midst of the seed order for the coming year, and anyone able to make a first payment, if you haven’t already, would help with this cost.  I am also offering a new option for membership: a biweekly pick-up.  If you don’t want a share every week, you can now get one every other week!  The pricing is clearly laid out on the CSA Economics page of the website.  If you have any questions, please ask!  A newsletter with details of why this new option will be out in the nest few days.

Happy New Year!!!

Winter CSA Update!!

I will have the Winter CSA veggies set up today as planned, and will have the driveway cleared out if you are able to come.  However if you can’t make it, things will be set up and you can come at another time, just give me a call or email (or reply to this) to check to see if the driveway is still cleared when you want to come.  Next week looks better as far as weather goes!

Cow Carolling Saturday December 17!

We are inviting you to come to our farm for Cow Carolling (horses and pigs too)!  At 6:30 pm on Saturday December 17 we will quietly enter the barn, where the animals live in the winter, and sing some Christmas carols to honor what they give to the farm and in turn provide for us.  Then we will come into the house for some treats and cheer.  Please let us know if you would like to come.  Reply to this post or call 519 369 3567.cory and cows