Fall harvest help needed

Members who have expressed an interest in getting a reduction in your share price by helping out for half a day… well the next three weeks or so is the last chance for this season.  We will be harvesting all the root crops and bringing them into the root cellar.  This involves pulling or digging them from the field but also sitting around a pile and taking the tops off and bagging them.  If you are able to help, let me know which day you can and which of the two aspects of the harvest you would like to help with.


Last Main Season Shares and Winter CSA Start-up

The main season CSA is coming to a close for this year.  The last pick-up for Durham members will be Tuesday October 31, and the last one for Owen Sound will be Saturday November 4.

There are still a few winter shares available (though not many!) so if you are wanting one, please let me know.  The first pick-up date for that will be Tuesday December 5th in the root cellar.

Announcements! New share options for the coming year!

Reminder that the next winter share is tomorrow, Friday December 30 (days can get confused this time of year).  Also, I am in the midst of the seed order for the coming year, and anyone able to make a first payment, if you haven’t already, would help with this cost.  I am also offering a new option for membership: a biweekly pick-up.  If you don’t want a share every week, you can now get one every other week!  The pricing is clearly laid out on the CSA Economics page of the website.  If you have any questions, please ask!  A newsletter with details of why this new option will be out in the nest few days.

Happy New Year!!!