Plant pick-up!

So, the plan now is that everyone who ordered plants can come to the farm on Saturday May 29 between 8 and 4. Please don’t come between 12 and 1 if you can. I’ll have your orders ready, and am planning to be doing a small construction project on my store front, so will be just there working and can get your order when you come. If you have not ordered plants and would still like to, please send me a message and I can give you a list of what’s available.

Plant Sales

It’s official: the Durham Herb Fair has been cancelled for this season. I’m guessing the other events where I have traditionally sold plants will also not happen. So, like last year, I would like to start taking seedling orders. There will be two pick-up days at the farm: Saturday May 29th and the next Saturday June 5th. There’s a link to the plants I’ll have available beneath the picture! If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask. You can reply to this posting, or send me an email at

In case you wondered where Bernie went.

Something New!

Happy New Year! Thank you to those members who have already signed up for the coming year. Please let me know if your intention is to rejoin, and make a first payment for the 2021 season if you are able. New this year: I will be having CSA members pick-up on both Tuesday’s and Friday’s. You can choose which day will be your normal day (with the option of switching the odd week if need be). If you don’t care, you will be assigned Tuesdays, since I’ll still have the market open to the public on Friday’s and need most CSA members to pick-up Tuesdays… If you prefer Friday, let me know. Two reasons for this change: first it will let me take on more CSA members, since I ended up with a waiting list last year; also it will spread the harvest more evenly between the days.
At this time, I’m only accepting members who want to rejoin and those who signed up on the waiting list. Come February if the CSA is not full, I’ll open it up to any new members. So please, even if you can’t make a first payment at this time but still want a share, let me know.
I finished placing the farm seed order earlier than ever this year, since last year there was a panic around seeds, and some things were sold out super early. I spoke with some people in the seed business and they felt like companies were more prepared this year, so was optimistic that there wouldn’t be as much of that this year. I won’t know until all the seed arrives, but fingers crossed!

Winter Share schedule!

Winter Share pick-up time will be from 2 – 6 pm every other Tuesday. Here are the dates:

Dec. 1, 15, 29
Jan. 12, 26
Feb. 9, 23
Mar. 9, 23

Weighed items will be pre-weighed but not bagged, and nothing will be washed (as usual for winter, allowing you all to still experience soil!).

Only one member will be allowed in the root cellar at a time and there will be a sign at the door saying “Enter” or “Please wait.”

Eggs and Egg Shares!

Members who normally get eggs are welcome to come by to get one or two doz. anytime. Just let me know and I can have them waiting for you a cooler in the back of my truck.

I will have to get a new batch of chicks in the spring, and am exploring the idea of offering “Egg Shares.” Details need to be worked out, but I want to see how many dozen folks would take each week. If you are interested in this, please send me a message with how many doz you would like. This is in the exploratory phase.

CSA payments

It’s almost the end of August, and those who have not paid up their CSA share for the main season, now is a good time to either finish paying or let me know your payment plan.  In another month or so I’ll start signing folks up for winter shares.  Priority will go towards those who have had winter shares in the past.  The fall crops look good, I would say better than last year, so I will be able to take at least the same number of winter shares as last year.

Organic Wood Fired Sourdough Bread

Just a reminder that you can get bread delivered for you at the CSA on Tuesdays.  Aster Lane Farm’s bread is amazing and easy to order.  Go to to see what they do.  Send them an email to and get on the list to order from their weekly selection. They send out what is available each week on the weekend, you just need to fill in their form by Monday morning.  All communication is with Bennett and Catherine, so ask them more questions through the email.