Basic CSA Share Info

We have three CSA time periods: Main season, Winter, and Spring.

The Main Season CSA Harvest runs weekly from around the third week of June to the end of October. Each member can make a voluntary capital contribution ($100 recommended, see CSA Economics page for details). There are six share sizes:

Small weekly (about 1/3 bushel of produce each week) $400
Medium weekly (about 1/2 bushel) $615
Large weekly (about a bushel) $880

Small bi-weekly $210
Medium bi-weekly $330
Large bi-weekly $460

The Winter CSA shares run bi-weekly from early November to early March. Each member can make a voluntary capital contribution ($100 recommended) There are two sizes:

Small Winter share $250
Large Winter share $400

The Spring CSA harvest runs weekly from mid-April to the end of May. There is only one share size:

Spring share $150


We are flexible with how shares are paid. We have three suggested options, but please contact us to make whatever arrangement works for you:

1: payment in full before the season starts
2: pay half before the season starts and half midway through.
3: pay in monthly installments, or any division that works for you as long as the entire share is paid by the end of its season.