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Plant Orders!

First off, thank you all who have placed orders for plants. We will not be taking any more orders as of today (May 14). Those who have ordered the pick-up day is Saturday May 28 from 8:30 am to 4 pm. We will be filling the orders in sequence of when they were received and those who ordered late may not get everything they ordered. We will have some substitutions on hand if folks want to try something else! For those who did not place an order, unfortunately we will NOT be able to bring plants to the STC market day, but we WILL have plants at the Durham Herb Fair June 11.

Carrots and Parsnips for Sale

The winter shares are finished for the season, but there was an over abundance of carrots and parsnips last fall, so there are still plenty for sale. They are keeping well in the root cellar, but as spring warms (it will, I promise), they won’t last. So if anyone out there would like a bulk order of at least 10 lbs let us know.

Plant Sales!

We are now taking orders for vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings. Other events are coming back (The Herb Fair, and STC Market Day) and we will be at these venues with plants, but the more folks are able to order ahead, the better we can plant accordingly… It means less wasted time potting up and then composting unwanted plants. You can reply to this post or send me an email ( with your name, the kinds and numbers of plants you want. If you wait too long what you want may not be available. There will be a pick-up for your seedling orders at the farm on Saturday May 28 from 8:30am to 4pm. Here is a list of what will be available:

Tomatoes – Red, yellow, or heritage slicers, red or yellow cherries, paste
Peppers – green or red sweet, hot
Basil – Pesto, sacred, purple
Onion – Red Italian, yellow storage
Zucchini – Green or yellow
Cucumber – slicing or pickling
Winter Squash – Delicata, buttercup, butternut, spaghetti
Pumpkin – Pie or Jack ‘O Lantern
Kale – Tuscan or curly
Cabbage – spring or fall
Spring Kohlrabi
Lettuce – many kinds
Summer savory

Egg cartons please

Folks didn’t bring back too many egg cartons last winter pick-up and I need some before Friday. If anyone is able to drop some off (only the traditional paperboard ones… no plastic or Styrofoam please) you could just leave them in the farm truck. If the truck is so full of egg cartons you can’t fit any more in… I’ve probably gotten enough 🙂

The coming season!

I’d like to update you on some plans for the farm. As many of you may already know, Lydia Dyck will be joining the farm for the coming season.  You may have seen her at the art supply and framing store in Durham, since her family owns the Colour Jar. She’s grown up a part of the CSA, with her family having a working share picking peas and beans for nearly twenty years now (mostly Barb)!  Lydia’s spent the last couple years involved in other farming ventures, and will be ‘renting’ some land here to do her own project as well as helping with the CSA.  This has been called an “incubator” arrangement, where existing farms can help up and coming farmers get started without them needing to buy all their own equipment and land as they figure life out.  This is very much a win/win since she knows the farm so well already… She will be doing some of the postings and contributing in many ways, so I wanted to let her introduce what she is planning for the coming season: 

Hey everyone! I’m excited to meet you all in the upcoming season. I know it seems far away but we’ve already been planning for it since last year! I’m super excited to be apprenticing with Cory as well as growing a small garden plot of my own and starting a new venture to add to Saugeen River CSA. In developing this venture I am seeking to address two important points: 1) YOU want more eggs (or so a little bird told me) and 2) the farm wants more animals. It just so happens that the perfect solution is to pasture-raise a flock of laying hens. So I look forward to keeping you up to date as this adventure unfolds, keep your eyes and eggs peeled for more info!

2022 Season!

Happy New Year everyone! With so much uncertain in the world, one thing I can say is that the days are already getting longer, and seeds have begun arriving for the coming season! As in other years, I start signing up previous members in the month of January. In February I open shares up to others if there’s space. Many of you have already signed up, but for those who have not, if you could at least let me know your intention if you want a share this season. Winter plans are underway, and neglected bookkeeping. I’ll post more details about the coming season soon…

Grassland bird study at the farm

A group of biologists from Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario have been studying ground nesting birds (Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and Grasshopper Sparrows) in this area for several years. This past year they did a study of our farm, among others. Their goal is to help farmers develop pasture and haying practices that can take into consideration the needs of these endangered birds. It was a great experience to learn how adjusting grazing and cutting timing can make it more possible for these birds to raise their young. I’ve attached the report they gave me about the farm. They also recorded all the bird species they observed here (47 total!).

On the first winter pick-up my farmer gave to me…

A parsnip in a pear tree? Think of a winter vegetable to add to the song and maybe we’ll make a promotional video for the farm facebook page!
The winter CSA will begin on Friday December 3rd. The pick-up time is from 2-6pm. This starts an hour earlier than the main season since it gets dark so soon. Many of you have paid for your share, many have not. Anyone that is able to make an e-transfer now that would be great, if not, on the first pick-up with check or cash is fine. Like last year I’d like just one person at a time down in the root cellar to get your share. The space is actually really tight with such a large harvest this year. The shares will be available every other Friday. The planned schedule is:

Dec 3, 17, and 31 (yes, New Year’s Eve)
Jan 14 and 28
Feb 11 and 25
Mar 11 and 25

phot by Lydia Dyck

Winter Shares

I would now like to begin signing up RETURN winter share members. If you had a winter share last year or in the past and want one again this season you can sign up with a deposit or pay the total amount. The share prices will remain the same as last year: $250 for a small share and $400 for a large. Those new members who have expressed interest in a winter share, I will begin signing up as many on my list as possible by the middle of October. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks!