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CSA will continue!

Even though the harvest season is still few months off, many summer events and plans are changing.  We will see what the state of the world is come June, but just to put it out there, even if I have to, I can deliver shares door to door.  I’m planting as though it will be a full season.  You will get your veggies!

And those of you who usually get eggs, just send me a message about a time you would like to pick them up and I can put them in an agreed place… 🙂

Micro-greens at Winter CSA Friday

So Matt Moss of Varney grows organic sprouts, and usually sells at Farmer’s Markets.  Since the markets are closed he is having a hard time moving what is ready to harvest.  If you get this post and you would like to buy some ($5 a box) and can pick them up at the CSA on Friday between 2 and 6 pm, please reply to this before noon on Friday.  There is a minimum number to justify them delivering to us, so if there aren’t enough ordered it won’t happen.  You don’t have to be a Winter CSA member to order these.

The sprout options are: Peas, Sunflower, Radish, or a mix of the three, Broccoli, and Fava Bean.

Spring is not cancelled!

This coming Friday, March 20 will be the last Winter CSA pick-up.  If you haven’t signed up for a share for this season, please do! Or if you want to shop at the Chicory Common Farmer’s Market starting this summer, you can also purchase a pre-paid card.

Seeds are going in flats in the greenhouse, as well as beds are being prepared.  If anyone is interested in giving a hand, let me know.  If you want an early taste of summer, come when it’s sunny!!

New Season Sign up and Pre-paid cards

The seeds have arrived, the sun is getting brighter, the days longer, seeding is about to start for a new season!  If you haven’t joined and are intending to, or could put some more money down on your share, now would be good, since there are still many start up costs that need covering.  If you aren’t planning on getting a share, but know you will purchase products from the market at Chicory Common (more on that soon) you can purchase pre-paid cards of $50 or $100.  Also as the greenhouse work increases in later March and April, consider getting an early dose of spring and summer by coming and helping out!  Get your early tan!  Let me know.

Happy New Year!

As is with every season, now is the time I am organizing my seed order for the 2020 harvest! If you are interested in a share for the coming season, please let me know, and if you can, provide a first payment to help with the seed costs.  I am also offering the pre-paid cards again in $50 or $100.  There will be a market on Friday afternoons either at the farm or if the Chicory Common market happens, I’ll be there!

Those with Winter shares, remember there’s a pick-up this Friday from 2-6pm.