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Weeding anyone? and Newsletter

There’s a short newsletter for August that is now on the ‘Newsletters’ page.  While watering, weeding, and mucking out horse stalls, I had composed, in my head, a much longer one describing a more detailed take on why this has been the most challenging year to date.  I shortened it, not wanting to take too much time to write this time of year.  So if anyone wants a more detailed grasp of the complex set of circumstances that have gone into this being my least productive year in my farming history… come on out and weed with me!!  Weeding can be a great social activity and I would love to hear your story too!

We have still not seen rain at our farm… the scattered downpours that others seem to be getting have consistently missed us, or we have just had a tiny sprinkle.  In anticipation of on-going climate change weather extremes, I have made the decision to make the garden smaller and move it to a field that I can adequately water.  Below is a picture of the new horse Jimmy and Bert cultivating the new garden space in preparation for next year.  As well as the positive… crops that are doing really well despite not being adequately watered!!



Garlic harvest help wanted!

Hello everyone,

Members who would like a $50 reduction in their share price or just would like to come out for some harvest social fun…. On Wednesday and Thursday this week we will be harvesting the garlic.  This involves forking, pulling, wiping and crating in the field as well as laying out on tables to dry in the barn.  We will be starting after the dew dries (probably around 10 am Wednesday and continuing in the afternoon.  Thursday morning could start earlier as we will have some to stack waiting for us.  Please send me a message if you are coming and when.  Thanks.

CSA Pick-up please reply! and Bread and Chicken!

A reminder that next week, June 26 is the first CSA pick up at the farm from 3-6 pm and the first Owen Sound pick-up will be Saturday, June 30.  Many members still have not replied to this posting (maybe you’re not getting it), which means I will have to spend a day calling folks…  Please let others know.

Also, for those picking up at the farm on Tuesday’s, once again there will be bread available by order from Aster Lane Bread.  Send them an email: to place your order and get on their email list.

Also, new this year: Chicken will be available!  Many of you may remember Shiying who apprenticed here in 2016.  She is farm sitting this year close by and is raising pastured meat chickens.  She will have whole birds and cuts available starting the July 3rd CSA pick-up.  Please contact her directly to get more details, but she can have it here for you to pick-up when you get your share.  Shiying Lu: 647 988 4549

First CSA pick-up!

The first Tuesday on farm CSA pick up will be June 26 from 3 – 6 pm.  The first Owen Sound Market pick-up will be June 30 from 8 am to noon.  Remember to bring your own bags or boxes.  There will be lots to feed your inner rabbit!  Please reply to this to let me know you get the message.

Thank you to those who came out to help plant, and to all of you who contributed to welcoming our new horse Jimmy to the farm.  Once I have time, I’ll get some photos up.


A New Horse!

Many of you may have seen the farm’s Facebook posting that our lead horse, Molly, passed away of a stroke on the May long weekend.  She is pictured working on the post farther down this page.  This has created an urgent need for a new horse on the farm, as I am only set up to make beds for planting with the horses.  A new horse will arrive today, but the farm cannot afford the unexpected Capital Cost right now. I’m putting out a call for folks to make a Capital Contribution if they have not already, and perhaps contributing a bit more if they have, and are able to.  I have written a quick 2 page newsletter giving more details which you can find on the “Newsletters” page.  I’ve also posted the 2017 cash flow summary to put the capital needs in perspective.  There is some important information in the newsletter, and I apologize for springing this out so fast, but this is the busiest time of year for the farm.  Thank you.

First Pick-up?

I’m getting a bunch of questions about the first pick-up… well, if you all ate grass I could have a pick-up tomorrow.  Please remember, although it feels like summer now, vegetables don’t instantly pop out of the ground the moment it is warm.  April was like February this year and this was the first year in the 21 years I have been farming here that I was not able to work the ground initially in April.  This is still the end of May… I do not expect the first pick up to be any earlier than the third week of June… and it likely will be later than that.  The first lettuces and kale are only two inches tall… the first scallions look like hairs growing out of the ground, and this is normal, or slightly late for this time of year.  The first carrots, beets, peas and radishes have all germinated and are looking good… but they are only just starting to grow… please be patient.  Because of the unprecedented weather pattern this spring, I’m not able to predict the first pick-up date for at least a couple more weeks.  Keep posted, I’ll let you know as soon as I know!