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Just a quick note.  Any CSA member is welcome to come to the farm and pick your own arugula.  This was planted last fall, but because of the wet and cold October was not ready to harvest then… it is now.  Let me know if you are interested and a time you would like to come pick.  Best if you bring your own bag/bowl/container.


Greenhouse April dates


There’s been several folk who have come out to help with the seedings thus far. Thank you! Here are the dates in April that I have planned plantings.  After the middle of April there is ongoing potting up of plants that can be done almost anytime, so if none of these dates work for you, and you still would like to help out, consider potting!

April 1: flowers
April 5: second lettuce and cabbage
April 8: field tomatoes
April 17: third lettuce
April 22: third cabbage
April 25: first cucumbers and tomatillos
April 30: fourth lettuce

New Year! Sign up for a share or get a “Pre-Paid Card”!

Happy New Year!

I am immersed in the seed ordering for this coming season, so am making plans for a great year to come!  Several changes have been made and are in progress to improve the management and production of the farm, and meet the needs of the community. CSA shares are still available at the farm on Tuesdays, as in previous years, in small, medium and large weekly and biweekly sizes.  New will be an on farm market Friday afternoons from Canada Day weekend to Thanksgiving.  This will be open to the public.  I know the CSA does not work for everyone, every year, but many people are still interested in connecting to the farm.  So new this year, I am offering pre-paid cards for farm products in $50 and $100 options.  This will allow you to come to the Friday market when you can and purchase what you would like, making a commitment to the farm, but with more flexibility.
Signing up for a CSA share now, or purchasing a pre-paid card now, helps cover the costs of seeds and spring start up greenhouse expenses.  Please contact me to make arrangements, or if you have any questions.

Ducks, carrots, potatoes, kale, Winter CSA

First, since there is no Winter CSA from us this year, there is another local Winter CSA still looking for members: Green Being Farm near Neustadt.  Contact them for more info:

Ducks: If you are interested in ducks I now have multiple sizes, $4/lb.
Kale: There’s still piles of kale, $5/ two bunches.
Carrots: small orders of carrots are available, $1.50/lb
Potatoes: Bulk orders are possible and I can store them for you in our root cellar if you like, $1/lb.

Contact me to arrange orders and pick-up…. thanks!

Shares are available… eggs…

There are still plenty of shares available for this coming 2018 main season CSA.  See the CSA Economics page for share sizes and prices, or contact me for more information.  Also, those of you who usually get eggs from the farm let me know when you want to come by for your eggs, as they are piling up… As you can see, the chickens are so ready to lay, they are crowding the boxes!