Monthly Archives: May 2022

Plant Orders!

First off, thank you all who have placed orders for plants. We will not be taking any more orders as of today (May 14). Those who have ordered the pick-up day is Saturday May 28 from 8:30 am to 4 pm. We will be filling the orders in sequence of when they were received and those who ordered late may not get everything they ordered. We will have some substitutions on hand if folks want to try something else! For those who did not place an order, unfortunately we will NOT be able to bring plants to the STC market day, but we WILL have plants at the Durham Herb Fair June 11.

Horses and drivers in training

The days of sun this week have given us the chance to work more with Flora and Marcus, the new power-houses (horses) of the farm. The goal for the summer is to have the team, which is both of the horses as well as the driver, cultivating rest areas of the garden where we can plant cover crops to continue feeding the soil during the season.

It’s really fun to see the horses get into the groove of working, they blow through their noses and set into a good walking pace together. These horses want to do work, and it’s a really amazing thing to see them listening well to their driver, Cory, and following commands in formation. It’s a bit of a process to acclimatize the horses to the farm and get them used to working again after a few years of a relaxed life, but it’s been going well, and ultimately we’re building a team in the process, the horses and the driver. “Good work team,” Cory says as Flora and Marcus head into the next garden bed.