Monthly Archives: November 2021

Grassland bird study at the farm

A group of biologists from Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario have been studying ground nesting birds (Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and Grasshopper Sparrows) in this area for several years. This past year they did a study of our farm, among others. Their goal is to help farmers develop pasture and haying practices that can take into consideration the needs of these endangered birds. It was a great experience to learn how adjusting grazing and cutting timing can make it more possible for these birds to raise their young. I’ve attached the report they gave me about the farm. They also recorded all the bird species they observed here (47 total!).

On the first winter pick-up my farmer gave to me…

A parsnip in a pear tree? Think of a winter vegetable to add to the song and maybe we’ll make a promotional video for the farm facebook page!
The winter CSA will begin on Friday December 3rd. The pick-up time is from 2-6pm. This starts an hour earlier than the main season since it gets dark so soon. Many of you have paid for your share, many have not. Anyone that is able to make an e-transfer now that would be great, if not, on the first pick-up with check or cash is fine. Like last year I’d like just one person at a time down in the root cellar to get your share. The space is actually really tight with such a large harvest this year. The shares will be available every other Friday. The planned schedule is:

Dec 3, 17, and 31 (yes, New Year’s Eve)
Jan 14 and 28
Feb 11 and 25
Mar 11 and 25

phot by Lydia Dyck