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First planting and kale!

Was finally able to get the first crops in the ground today!  It is the latest spring I have experienced, but that shouldn’t mean late harvests… it just means we have to get more done in a shorter period of time!  And for those Winter Shares who wanted kale, you could come and get it next week.  As I kind of expected, with all the freezing and thawing, it is trying to go to flower before making big leaves, so it’s not lots, but if you are driving by, you could pick some up, just let me know when.


Shares are available… eggs…

There are still plenty of shares available for this coming 2018 main season CSA.  See the CSA Economics page for share sizes and prices, or contact me for more information.  Also, those of you who usually get eggs from the farm let me know when you want to come by for your eggs, as they are piling up… As you can see, the chickens are so ready to lay, they are crowding the boxes!

More seeding on Monday, and member sign up

I will be seeding more in the greenhouse on Monday March 19 and members are welcome to come help out for half a day to get a reduction in their share price. I’ll be seeding Leeks, and many herbs.  And thank you to those who have made share payments, but more would be welcome to help cover start up costs.  Let others know that shares are available!

Spring Seeding Begins!

Today we are putting the first seeds in the soil for the 2018 growing season.  On Tuesday, the onions are being seeded and if anyone wants to come and help our for half a day for a reduction in their share price, you would be welcome!  Also, if any member is able to make a first or an additional payment towards their share for the coming season, that would be welcome too!!  If anyone is interested, I will be doing a presentation about the farm and starting seeds at the Seedy Saturday at the Durham Town Hall this Saturday March 17 at 11am.

February Newsletter and New Season Sign Up

You can find the February Newsletter on the Newsletter page.  It give a little picture of winter life at the Saugeen River CSA… compared to summer it is like day and night, or you could say summer and winter!

In February I open the opportunity for people on the CSA waiting list to sign up for the coming season… so anyone who knows they want a share, even if you are not able to make a deposit now, let me know you are in so I can hold your space.

Seeds have arrived, and in early March the greenhouse will start to green up!